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Civil War Jocks

"Take a good look my dear. It's an historic moment you can tell your grandchildren about - how you watched the Old South fall one night. "
Rhett Butler

Turn your home into "Tara" with one of our Civil War Jocks! Every courthouse square has a Civil War statue, and now you can add one to your "home square". Our unique Civil War Jocks aren't really jocks at all, but statues of civil war cavalry soldiers.

Civil War Jocks "stand guard" 24/7 and make a unique addition to your stoop. What a conversation piece! Now you can proudly show your patriotism every day, and not just on July 4th, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Flag Day.

Our Civil War Jocks are based on authentic details of confederate and union cavalry uniforms. From the "old timey" mustache to colorful chevrons, these civil war statues are as stylish and original as they are historical.

These Jocks make great gifts for ex-army cavalry, VFW and other miltary organizations, Civil War buffs, historians, artifact collectors, and participants in Civil War reenactments. Choose your side, gray or blue, rebel or yankee, and show your true colors on your front yard!

If you have famous relatives who fought in the Civil War, these Jocks can stand as a lasting memorial of your proud heritage. Or you can even give your Civil War Jock a name and make up a story: "Under the orders of General Grant, Corporal Jocko has been dispatched from his unit to report for honor guard detail at your porch(Jocko had the cleanest uniform and was the cleanest shaven recruit the general could find!)".

"The cavalry has arrived for guard duty"

Each Jock is individually forged and hand-painted as a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Just like our Traditional Jocks, all the paints used on our Civil War Collection are standard colors, brand-name, and readily available for repainting over the next decades... or in case you want to switch sides or give Corporal Jocko another stripe!

A ring is included for the Civil War Jock's hand, but these Jocks also work well with our optional oil and solar lanterns(lantern sold separately- CLICK HERE for more information).

Civil War Lawn Jock Collection


front union soldier statue Yankee Jock Union Cavalry Soldier statue civil war us civil war

Yankee Jock #7688

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front Rebel Jock Confederate Cavalry Soldier statue statuary courthouse statue civil war private uniform picture photo

Rebel Jock #7689

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